The patented Nirvana Thermo Acoustic Power Stick™ (TAPS™) technology enables unparalleled benefits to the consumer. The technology converts gas into electricity at an efficiency greater than the average efficiency of the US power grid. Simultaneously the excess heat is used for providing domestic hot water and/or space heating. The overall system efficiency is over 90%, meaning that only a very small amount of heat escapes the home, making the TAPS™ very environmentally friendly compared to current heating and electricity solutions.

The TAPS™ technology is quiet, and vibration free allowing the TAPS™ system to be placed in the kitchen, cellar or attic. It is small in size, less than 32" in length, and 8-10" in diameter while producing 2-4 KWe and 15-35 KWh. The TAPS™ unit weighs less than 60 pounds. The TAPS™ system is networked via the Internet and multiple units can be connected into a distributed power plant.

The TAPS™ technology is reliable, with a lifetime of over 15 years, assuring that the consumer does not need to be concerned with maintenance and upkeep. The TAPS™ system is flexible in its use of fuel, with natural and propane gas providing environmentally clean solutions.

Excess electricity can be pumped back into the grid in many US states and in countries across the world providing for substantial energy savings. Specific savings depend on usage, climate, gas and electricity prices, and local incentives. The cost savings calculator provides an estimate of individual savings.